1.83 X 22mm Plastics Sheet Coil Nails

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Plastic sheet coil nails are fasteners used in various industries and applications. They are designed specifically to secure plastic or waterproof sheets to wooden surfaces.

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Model Number 1.83*22 MM
MOQ 200 cartons
Price  20 USD /carton
Name Plastic Sheet Coil Nails
Shank Type Smooth
Head Style Flat
Model Number 1.83*25mm, 1.83*25mm, 1.83*32mm
Material Iron
Standard ISO
Brand Name HOQIN
Shipping Support Sea freight. Air freight
Supply Ability 3000 Box/Boxes per Month
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Port Shanghai
Shank Length 22mm, 25mm, 32mm
Shank Diameter 1.83mm
Treatment Electro Galvanized/Bright Polished
Packaging Detail 200 per coil
Customization YES
OEM OEM Service Offered
Samples Avaliable
Main Application
Wooden packaging box, wooden pallet manufacturing, elevator industry, electrical equipment industry, wooden furniture, wooden frame house fence, etc.
1.83 X 22mm plastics sheet coil nails5
1.83 X 22mm plastics sheet coil nails7
1.83 X 22mm plastics sheet coil nails6

relevant details

The following are some relevant details about plastic sheet rolling nails:

1. Material: Plastic sheet rolling nails are usually made of high-quality plastic materials, which are lightweight, durable, and weather resistant.

2. Size: They come in different sizes to choose from, typically ranging in length from 1 inch to 2 inches. The appropriate size depends on the thickness of the plastic film being fastened.

3. Roll nail form: The plastic sheet roll nail is in a coil shape and requires the use of a compatible pneumatic nail gun or roll nail machine for installation. The coil can achieve efficient loading and feeding of nails, thereby reducing reload time.


1. Compatibility: Plastic sheet rolling nails are designed specifically for use with plastic sheets, providing a safe and reliable fastening solution.

2. Weathering resistance: Plastic sheet nails have the characteristics of rust prevention and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

3. Reduce damage: Plastic materials help prevent damage to plastic films and reduce the risk of tearing or puncturing.

4. Easy to use: The coil form and compatibility with pneumatic nail guns make installation fast and efficient.

It is worth noting that the availability of plastic sheet coil nails may vary depending on your location and supplier. For specific product choices, it is recommended to consult local retailers or suppliers specializing in fasteners or construction supplies.

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