1.83 X 38mm Plastic Collated Coil Screws

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Plastic collation coil nails are specifically designed for use with a power nailer.

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Plastic Sheet Collation ring screw spiral Coil Nails
Model Number 1.83 *38 MM    
MOQ 200 cartons
Name 0-15 degree Plastic Sheet Collation ring screw spiral Coil Nails
Shank Type smooth, Ring, Spiral
Head Style Flat
Model Number 1.83 *38 MM    
Material Iron
Standard ISO
Brand Name HOQIN
Shipping Support Sea freight · Air freight
Supply Ability 5000 Carton/Cartons per Month
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Port Shanghai
Length 38mm
Shank Diameter 1.83 mm
Head Diameter 2.0 mm
Finish Rusbert/Zinc-plated/Ruspert
Packaging Detail: Common: 200pcs/roll, but it depends on the nail size too
Customization YES
OEM OEM Service Offered
Samples Avaliable
Usage Timber, woods
15/16 Degree Plastic Collated Coil Nails
Plastic Collated Coil Nails is usually the most preferred fastener for most crating and pallet siding and fencing applications.
It allows the operator to hold more nails in the gun and reduce reload time.
The nails come in all forms of vinyl coated and galvanized finish, as well as deformed shanks with varying holding power such as smooth, screw and ring.
Plastic collation coil nails
Use Galvanized Coil Collated Nails with your power nailer. The package contains collated nails that are galvanized for resistance to weathering and rust.
1. Smooth, thin shank for easy driving.
2. Galvanized to resist rust and weathering.
3. For use with your power nailer.
1.83 X 38mm Plastic collated Coil Screws01
1.83 X 38mm Plastic collated Coil Screws04
1.83 X 38mm Plastic collated Coil Screws05


Here are some key features of these nails:

1. Smooth, Thin Shank: The smooth and thin shank of the plastic collation coil nails allows for easy driving into various materials. This makes them suitable for a range of applications.

2. Galvanized Coating: The collated nails are galvanized, which means they have been coated with a protective layer of zinc. This galvanized coating provides excellent resistance against rust and weathering, making the nails durable and long-lasting.

3. Power Nailer Compatibility: Plastic collation coil nails are designed to be used with power nailers. The collated nails feed through the power nailer, allowing for efficient and quick installation.

4. When using plastic collation coil nails with your power nailer, you can expect smooth driving, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with your power tool. It's always important to ensure that the nails you choose are suitable for your specific project and power nailer model.

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